It's All About the Students

It might sound like a cliché, but anyone in Manila will tell you it's true. Students come first in Manila Public Schools.

Manila’s teachers, administrators, staff and volunteers all come to school each day with one goal in mind. That’s to educate the young people in their classrooms to be high achieving students and productive members of the community.


Our Traditions

Alma Mater

We are loyal to you, MHS.
To our colors we are true, MHS.
We will back you to stand,
It’s the best in the land,
For we know you’ve got sand, MHS.
Rah! Rah!

So crack out that ball, MHS.
We are backing you all, MHS.
Our team is the fame protector;
Come boys for we expect a
Victory from you, MHS.
Rah! Rah!

Colors and Emblems

Manila Public Schools' colors are black and gold. These are used in all letters given by the school and in the uniforms worn by the various organizations. The school mascot is the lion, which is emblematic of the fighting spirit of the Manila School athletic teams.