Schools: Band

Band Director Jon Myers

photo of Mr. Myers

Manila Public Schools is dedicated to enriching our students by nurturing musical knowledge, ability and appreciation. To that end, we are proud to offer beginning band, intermediate band, and varsity band programs, which have been directed by Jon Myers for more than 20 years.

Myers also sponsors the Band Boosters, who support the band programs and administrate Manila's varsity band scholarships.

For more information, visit Jon Myers' page or contact him at myersj@manilaschools.org.

Beginning Band

Beginning Band welcomes students with little or no musical experience. Students will learn the basic techniques of musicianship, how to assemble their instruments, how to hold their instruments correctly, and how to play them. Beginning Band prepares student for Intermediate Band.

The beginning band performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts.

Intermediate Band

The Intermediate Band is made up of second-year band students who are usually in the seventh or eighth grade and have moved forward in their musicianship. The Intermediate Band performs at several activities throughout the year, including football games, basketball games, and band concerts.

Students in this class must practice on a regular basis – their grades are based partly on practice time.

Varsity Band

This is the primary performing band at Manila Schools, showcasing our students' instrumental expertise. This group performs at football games, basketball games, pep rallies, band concerts and many other casual and formal venues.

Please check the calendar for performances. Our band is always delighted to play for a big audience.

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