Schools: Clubs and Organizations

Photo of group of students who are involved in school clubsManila Public Schools offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to become involved in rewarding extracurricular activities suited for a variety of interests.

To learn more about each club, contact the advisor, or click on the link for more information.

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Annual (Yearbook)

Sponsor: Tonia Eubankseubankto@manilaschools.org

The Manila Lions Echo Yearbook allows students to collaborate on a chronicle of the school year, providing their classmates with a special keepsake. Students learn communication, time management, responsibility, and other valuable skills, while having fun. Find more information here.

Art Club

Sponsor: Christy Woodywoodyc@manilaschools.org

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) - Middle School and High School Clubs

Sponsors: Heath Hawkinshawkinsh@manilaschools.org (Middle School)
Tonia Eubanks
eubankto@manilaschools.org (High School)

FBLA is a national organization for students interested in pursuing business careers. Members learn skills such as leadership, decision-making, and self-confidence, which are necessary to compete in today’s job market. Manila FBLA members have carried out toy drives, Christmas cards for soldiers campaigns and an angel tree. Find more information here.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) - Middle School and High School Clubs

Sponsor: Mary Smithsmithm@manilaschools.org • 870-561-4875

In FCCLA, the only in-school student organization focused on family, members attain personal growth, critical thinking, practical knowledge and leadership development. Student members have taken part in Veterans Day programs, charity races, Power of One and the school's Fall Festival. They have also competed in STAR events. Find more information here.

Future Educators of America (FEA)

Sponsors: Gerri McCannmccannge@manilaschools.org • 870-586-6313

This club promotes teaching as a profession. Through FTA’s activities, students learn about becoming an educator and about affecting children’s lives through teaching. Find more information here.

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Sponsor: Grahm Ageeageeg@manilaschools.org

FFA provides opportunities for students enrolled in agricultural education to take part in agriculture-related activities that teach leadership, career-readiness and personal development. Chili cook-offs, CPR training, deer-stand construction and fruit sales are just some of the activities in which Manila student members have participated. Find more information here.

Fire Marshals

The Fire Marshals facilitate school building evacuation and re-entry during fire drills. Fire marshals must be capable of carrying out their duties quickly and efficiently.

French Club

Sponsor: Gerri McCannmccannge@manilaschools.org • 870-586-6313

Any student who is currently in a French class or who has completed at least one year of French may join the French Club. The club celebrates French culture and language through cooking, special projects, and school and community events. Find more information here.

LEO Club  

Sponsor: Russell Pagepager@manilaschools.org

The purpose of the LEO Club is to enhance students' development and contributions as responsible community members through the guiding principles of Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity. At Manila Public Schools, members have collected holiday baskets of food for the needy, taken part in a chili cook-off, and established a Veterans Day program for the town. Find more information here.


Sponsor: Debra Leedlee@manilaschools.org

Library Club members encourage their fellow students to use the library. Members develop organizational and research skills and demonstrate the scope of the library’s resources to their peers.

MHS Voice Online News   

Sponsor: Gerri McCannmccannge@manilaschools.org • 870-586-6313

The Lions School Newspaper teaches news writing and design and puts into practice the principles of good journalism. In addition, students learn management skills and the ability to meet deadlines. Keep up with student-published school news at mhsvoice.com.

Photography Club

Sponsor: Gerri McCannmccannge@manilaschools.org • 870-586-6313

While documenting school events through photography, students in this club learn the technical, composition and communication skills that go into making a good photograph.

Quiz Bowl

Sponsor: Gerri McCannmccannge@manilaschools.org • 870-586-6313

Quiz Bowl is a statewide academic competition.  Manila High School has a tradition of fielding a strong team with many regional wins, including winning the ANC Competition, which secured four full-paid scholarships for our players. Find more information here

Robotics Club - Middle School and High School Clubs

Middle School Sponsors: Melissa Bakerdawsonm@manilaschools.org
John Deatondeatonj@manilaschools.org
Christina Barrentine barrentinec@manilaschools.org

Robotics Club members produce robotic devices in a classroom laboratory. During the course of their projects, students develop their creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills while learning STEM concepts.

School Play 

Sponsors: Martha Lawrencelawrenc@mps.crsc.k12.ar.
Nathan Bell • belln@manilaschools.org

In this club, students produce and perform in the junior and senior plays.  Participation in this club promotes learning about theater by giving students opportunities to act, be part of the stage crew and create sets and costumes.

Science Club

Sponsors: Nathan Bell • belln@manilaschools.org
Makayla Whitewhitem@manilaschools.org

Senior Beta Club

Sponsor: Martha Lawrencelawrenc@manilaschools.org

The Senior Beta Club promotes the national association's ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership. Student members must maintain a qualifying GPA to participate in this community service-based club.

Student Council 

Sponsors: Angie Gipsongipsona@manilaschools.org
Jennifer Harperharperj@manilaschools.org

Students are elected by their classmates to serve on the Student Council, which organizes school activities, fosters school spirit and supports Manila Public Schools overall. Through serving on Student Council, class representatives develop leadership and interaction skills and learn about democracy.

Student Council

  • President: Madison Bibbs
  • Vice President: Sawyer Crowell
  • Secretary: Vivian Pryor

Toward a Better Understanding (TABU)

Sponsor: Angie Gipsongipsona@manilaschools.org

The TABU club strives to improve understanding and acceptance through conflict resolution. Students discover methods of overcoming barriers between people and reconciling differences.

Junior Sponsors

Sponsors: Sarah Moore • smoore@manilaschools.org
Kim Hartkhart@manilaschools.org

Senior Sponsors

Sponsors: Christy Woodywoodyc@manilaschools.org
Christina Barrentine barrentinec@manilaschools.org