State-Required Information

School districts complete a number of reports that are filed with the state. You may access the reports for our district here.

6-15-2011 Supplemental Educational Services Transparency Act

The Manila School District is not utilizing Supplemental Services due to the ADE Accountability Waiver.

6-15-2202 Teacher Qualifications

Annual Report to the Public

Statement of Assurance

Dyslexia Program Reporting

Annual School Performance Reports

Current Comprehensive Financial Data Reports

Local and State Revenue Sources

Legal Balance

Financial Breakdown of Monthly Expenses

Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefit Expenditure Data

Salary Schedules

Employee Contracts

Annual Financial Report and Budget for Ensuing Year

Annual Statistical Report

Yearly Audit (Regulatory Basis Financial Statements and Other Reports)

Board of Education of the Manila School District

Meeting Dates

Minutes of Regular and Special Meetings

School District Personnel Policies

Student Handbooks

Student Services

School Improvement

Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plans (ACSIP)

National School Lunch Act (NSLA) Report

Parent Engagement Plan